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The Flanders Marlow team provides comprehensive specialist services and project solutions to a wide range of corporate and domestic clients throughout New Zealand.

With a track record of successfully undertaking large and small projects across a broad range of specialty areas Flanders Marlow has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in analysis, planning, organising and managing resources. We utilise these skills to deliver an effective project management service providing
enduring benefits for our clients. 


Flanders Marlow has experience in undertaking strategic planning in conjunction with clients in order to review their business structure and specific market strategies. As an independent “set of eyes” we develop and implement strategies tailored to our client’s strengths and resources in order to build a sustainable competitive advantage in pursuit of achieving the client’s vision. Our development planning skills enable us to consider a project “idea” through to delivery and to undertake a thorough analysis of a project’s feasibility. This will typically involve the development of a project brief, concept designs, preliminary cost estimates, market research, feasibility studies, programmes and obtaining all statutory approvals to enable the project to proceed.


As part of the management process, Flanders Marlow also offers construction management services and views this as an integral part of achieving project performance. We promote on-site services as a delivery methodology to ensure that the client retains control and flexibility during construction.

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